When you need a concrete flooring system, we can be there with products designed for exceptional durability. We’ll harness our decades of experience in the flooring industry to help you choose quality products designed for seamless integration in your building.


Why Concrete Flooring?

Concrete flooring has several advantages in modern buildings. For example, many companies are now choosing concrete flooring for their high-traffic areas due to the material’s superior durability. Concrete flooring is also exceptionally flexible in its application. So, if you have a distinct structural requirement within your property, we can offer simple and effective integration. 

Because of the versatility of concrete flooring, the material is the requisite choice for restaurants, bars, and retail stores. It’s also possible to incorporate your business’s branding directly into the material for instant brand recognition!

Epoxy Flooring Options

Our epoxy flooring options set the standard within the industry, and we can help you select a style of epoxy flooring that is suitable for your property. 


Many companies are now choosing epoxy flooring for garage and warehouse spaces because the material is easy to clean and maintain and will look professional for years to come. 

Condo Parking Garages

Epoxy flooring systems are also ideal for machining areas. That’s because epoxy is highly resistant to many contaminants, including oil and grease. It won’t stain like other forms of flooring, so epoxy is used frequently within the automotive industry and home garages. 

Medical Centres

Hospitals and clinics also use epoxy flooring because the material is resistant to germs and bacteria. 

It’s essential to consider the full range of advantages when making your selection. We’ve got decades of experience working with high-quality epoxy flooring products and can help you to consolidate your flooring costs. 

We also offer professional installation for epoxy systems. Our installation team can complete their work in a quick time frame, minimizing the potential disruption to your operations or your clients’ business.

Concrete Floor Polishing

There is a wide range of benefits gained from polishing concrete flooring and having that work completed by a local specialist. 

Increase Shine and Light

Polished concrete floors have a high gloss level, which helps to increase the ambient lighting in buildings such as retail stores and warehouses. 

Minimize Contamination

Polishing and sealing concrete can also help prevent contaminants from entering the material. It’s why many local hospitals and health facilities have polished concrete floors.

Enhance Appearance

Polishing concrete also helps improve the appearance of the material. It helps companies present a professional appeal that will enhance their reputation throughout the industry.

Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions is one of the foremost local companies for concrete floor polishing. We have decades of experience working with polished concrete and can help you save. 

Clients turn to Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions because we help them to reduce their concrete flooring costs and find the best flooring options in the industry today. Whether you’re considering potential products or have a specific, urgent requirement, Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions can help you.

Turn to Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions for Cost-Effective, Stylish Commercial Flooring

We’re the trusted partner for quality commercial flooring products that are designed to withstand the test of time in your commercial properties. Harnessing our decades of industry experience and knowledge working with a range of flooring products, we can help you save money and build your perfect space from the ground up. To learn more about Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions and our products and services, please call us today.


Scarifying & Shot Blasting for Concrete


Scarifying is one of the more traditional methods of levelling a concrete floor. We use rotating cutting wheels at high speeds to remove layers of concrete from the floor space. We employ the scarifying process to remove coatings on concrete floors, such as floor tiles, adhesives, and epoxy. We can also use the process to make walkways within your building slip-resistant to protect the health of your team, clients, and their guests.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is another popular concrete preparation option. We can harness shot blasting products to project steel balls toward the concrete surface and remove surface layers. The blasting equipment pulls the contaminants in the dust back into the machine, so the workspace remains clean while we complete the concrete flooring preparation work. Shot blasting can be used in sensitive areas of a facility and is considered safe for use within factories and food prep spaces.


Levelling is often the best option when you’re attempting to keep the base and the floor of a building consistent across the entire property. If your concrete floor was installed decades ago, the ground underneath might have shifted, causing the flooring to become uneven. There are several dangers inherent with an uneven flooring system. For example, uneven flooring within a warehouse can become a tripping hazard. Those working with machinery and travelling throughout the facility are at risk of injury. 

Our experienced team can help complete concrete levelling work on your building. We’ll harness the latest equipment to remove extra material and leave you with a smooth, level surface that is ready for your team or clients to utilize. 

Pick Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions for the Latest Flooring Options

It’s the perfect time to call Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions to discuss your concrete flooring requirements. We’re available around the clock to answer your questions and help you begin your upcoming project. Whether you require concrete polishing services or the installation of a new concrete floor, we’re glad to be your partners. 

If you’re facing a concrete flooring issue, you should consult with our local concrete flooring experts to discuss your options. We can review your facility and help you to make effective choices that save you money and support an optimal working space. 

Our experienced team at Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions has spent decades perfecting our work with concrete flooring systems. Our expertise in this area of the industry is unparalleled, and we can help provide you with the perfect return on your investment in the newest flooring products. Call now to book a consultation. 

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