Across Calgary, business owners turn to our experts at Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions for guidance on their commercial flooring requirements. We’re here to help you choose flooring systems that are designed for optimal performance in the Calgary climate. 


Our Full Range of Flooring Services in Calgary

Flooring Installation

Our flooring installation team has decades of experience in the industry and can complete a floor installation professionally and quickly. We’ll meet with you before the installation process to discuss your needs. We’ll analyze safety considerations and discuss how to manage the installation while keeping your operations running smoothly. Once we complete the installation, we’ll then advise you on the maintenance requirements for the floor. 

Concrete Polishing

Concrete floors offer exceptional durability for a range of applications. For example, many companies are now installing concrete flooring in their warehouses to provide long-term value for money in the years ahead.

Polished concrete flooring can also enhance the appeal of a commercial or office space. We can complete comprehensive polishing for all types of concrete flooring product. The polishing process can help improve the floor’s resistance to staining and mitigate spills. Getting polished concrete also helps to improve the appearance of the floor, allowing different shades and contours to come through.  

Flooring Design 

Our team understands the many challenges business owners and operators face in managing a facility and achieving optimal traffic flow throughout the working day. It’s vital that the flooring within a facility meets the operation’s distinct requirements. 

We’re experts in the flooring design process. We can help to identify the core issues within your building and then offer flooring products and design solutions that will mitigate these issues for the long term. 

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Products

We’re committed to providing you with the very best in environmentally friendly flooring systems for your building. We’ll work with you and your Calgary team to establish clear environmental standards within the building and use our knowledge of flooring products to help you select the right products to meet your objectives. 

We can also offer you flooring products designed to reduce energy costs for the months ahead. Whether you’re looking for insulating floor tiles or durable concrete systems, we can offer you advice from leaders in Calgary commercial flooring.

Turn to Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions for Cost-Effective, Stylish Commercial Flooring

We’re the trusted partner for quality commercial flooring products that are designed to withstand the test of time in your commercial properties. Harnessing our decades of industry experience and knowledge working with a range of flooring products, we can help you save money and build your perfect space from the ground up. To learn more about Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions and our products and services, please call us today.


Learn Why So Many Calgary Companies Entrust Our Flooring Experts

Over our decades in the industry, we’ve become one of the most well-known Calgary companies for commercial flooring solutions. Our clients trust us to provide them with the following:

Expert Advice

We only hire flooring experts with many years of experience in the industry. So, you can depend on us when you have questions about your property. Looking to learn more about the advantages of the latest concrete flooring products? Want to know more about the financial benefits of vinyl tiles? We can address these questions and ensure that you make the right choices for your property. Our team will respond quickly as we have experts standing-by around the clock to assist you.

Affordable Quotes

We’ll work with you to help reduce the cost of flooring for your project. When you turn to Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions, you can save thousands of dollars on the design and installation of quality flooring products. See how much you’ll save by simply booking a consultation with our Calgary commercial flooring team. 

During the consultation, we’ll go over the details of the project and explain the various flooring options in our catalogue. We’ll also help you to find items that fit your budget and day-to-day requirements. 

Quality Products 

At Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions, we’ve built our reputation on the quality of our commercial flooring products. Some of our top choices include:

  • Hardwood
  • Concrete
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Luxury vinyl plank 
  • Vinyl composition
  • Sheet vinyl
  • Carpet tile

We now offer the very highest quality hardwood flooring for use throughout your building. Hardwood can be a great addition to the office entrance space where its aesthetic value can help instantly make an impression on guests visiting the building. 

Regardless of the type of floor, we only use the highest quality products. So, you can rest assured that your flooring systems will offer the utmost performance for the years ahead. We’re committed to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, and companies often return to us many years later to upgrade new areas of their property.

Proven Experience

Few companies can match Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions both for our experience as a company and for the experience of the individual staff members. 

We use all that we’ve learned through decades of flooring design, install, and maintenance to help our clients make key decisions. But we can also use this experience to help reduce the time it takes to complete flooring installation work. So, you get access to the highest quality flooring products in a shorter time frame. We’re the trusted partners of fast-growing organizations and contractors who are juggling multiple projects. 

You can rely on our team to assess your space, help design a concept, install or upgrade your floor, and provide advice on long-term maintenance. 

Reach out to Page Flooring & Concrete Solutions to discuss your requirements and flooring options. To discover more about our team and the services we offer, please call our Calgary offices now.

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