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Atlas Carpet Mills www.atlascarpetmills.com Atlas Carpet Mills
Bigelow Commercial Carpets www.bigelowcommercial.com Bigelow
J&J Invision Carpets www.jj-invision.com J&J Invision Carpets
Karastan Commercial Carpets www.karastancontract.com Karastan
Lees Commercial Carpets www.leescarpets.com Lees Commercial Carpets
Mannington Commercial Carpets www.mannington.com/ Mannington Commercial Carpets
Milliken www.millikencarpet.com Milliken
Stark Carpets NYC www.starkcarpet.com/homeMain.cfm Stark Carpets NYC
Hard Surfaces (Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Composite Tile):
Armstrong www.armstrong.com/flooring/floors.html Armstrong
Azrock www.azrock.com Azrock
Compass Flooring-(Altro / Dinoflex / Decoria) www.altrofloors.com/Home.aspx Compass Flooring
Forbo www.forboflooringna.com forbo
Johnsonite www.johnsonite.com Johnsonite
LSI Flooring www.lsifloors.com/ LSI Flooring
Mannington www.mannington.com/ Mannington
Stone / Porcelain & Wood:
Midgley West
(Discriminating Importers of fine stone products)
www.midgleywest.com/ Midgley West
Daltile www.daltile.com Daltile
Goodfellow www.goodfellowinc.com Goodfellow
Matting – Entrance / Ergonomic / Fatigue Solutions:
Mat Tech www.mattech.ca Mat Tech
Bases, Thresholds & Transitional Products:
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Bengard/Loxcreen www.loxcreenflooring.com/bengard Bengard/Loxcreen
Schluter Metal Transitions Samples www.schluter.com chluter Metal  Transitions Samples
Johnsonite Rubber/Vinyl Transitions / Bases & Thresholds www.johnsonite.com Johnsonite
Aspera Carpet Recycling www.asperarecycling.com Aspera Carpet Recycling
“The men were punctual and terrific to deal with” “Page Flooring is very knowledgeable about the products and adamant about starting with a good product” “Watching that machine remove the wood flooring could only be described as a hot knife going through butter” “While coordinating our branches from coast to coast Mark handled the deal flawlessly” “With the TERMINATOR and manpower that Page Flooring provided we met our schedule with time to spare” “From the start, the Page Flooring staff lived up to the task night after night over 3 months without wavering” “Jim was instrumental in assisting us with proper choices, his knowledge in the industry is impressive” “Watching the machine drive through the porcelain tile was an unbelievable feat which saved days of labour” “Their TERMINATOR removed the double-glue down in less than half the time of their competitors” “It needed to happen overnight; Chris was able to source, deliver and live up to our demands with no time to spare”